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Southern California’s top Information Systems (I.S.) executives, senior academics, and selected, leading-edge I.S. consultants.


SCSIM Wants You!

The Southern California chapter of Society for Information Management (SCSIM) is the best and largest non-profit organization dedicated to executive IT leaders, senior academics and select leading edge technology consultants. What makes us great? You do! Our strength and our value comes from the interaction of our highly accomplished and experienced members with each other. Whether it’s a premier SIM event, a local CIO roundtable, or a ‘members only’ seminar, the opportunity to exchange ideas, network, and learn where the focus is IT practitioners, is invaluable. Belonging to SCSIM also offers opportunities to build relationships through its co-sponsored events. These are held jointly with SCSIM’s strategic partners and include leading academic and technology institutions. Last, but not least, you’ll be part of an organization that gives back to the broader community by leveraging the knowledge and experience of its members to mentor and guide the next generation of technology leaders. Membership is open to senior IT management practitioners and select leading technology academics and consultants. We welcome you to join us!


Brandon Johnson – Board Chairman SCSIM