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Welcome to the web site of the Southern California Chapter (SCSIM) of the Society for Information Management (SIM). Our membership consists of Southern California’s top Information Systems (I.S.) executives, senior academics, and selected, leading-edge I.S. consultants. This web site provides on-line access to information about our Chapter, including membership criteria, events of the Chapter, other relevant events taking place in Southern California, who to contact, and additional useful information.

Southern California SIM (SCSIM) is a chapter within the Society for Information Management (SIM), a prestigious professional association of executives, academics, and consultants in the information management field.

Chapters of SIM are geographically based. SCSIM. represents Southern California and is one of approximately 30 chapters of SIM worldwide.

SCSIM conducts a number of important services for its members, including coordinating with SIM International regarding worldwide issues of vital interest to all SIM members, and offering local Southern California focused services to SCSIM members such as quarterly events hosted in Southern California, CIO roundtable’s, new member orientation, member directory, community service activities, and so on.

SCSIM has established the following overall goals & objectives:

  • SCSIM will promote the chapter members networking opportunities within the local chapter, and throughout SIM, and SIM International
  • Provide a chapter environment where all new members feel welcome, and gain value from membership through orientation, and other techniques.
  • Provide chapter opportunities for each type of member- CIO, Consultant, and Academic to contribute to the overall value of the chapter membership
  • Allow each member to grow professionally through the critical examination of I.T. trends, challenges, opportunities, and solutions
  • To “give back” to the community, and to our I.S. colleagues inside and outside of Southern California.

An Executive Committee governs the SCSIM Chapter, subject to the By-laws of the Chapter, and provides overall guidance to the membership. For further information about the Chapter governance, contact the current Chair of the Chapter.

Membership in SCSIM is based upon specific criteria. Prospective members must complete an application form and submit the application for review by the Executive Committee. For further information about membership in SCSIM., contact the current Membership Chair of the Chapter.

Typical Activities of SCSIM

  • Member & Guest Meetings
  • Member Only Meetings
  • CIO Member Only Meetings
  • Community Service
  • SCSIM Newsletter
  • Participation in SIM
  • Survey of Member Interests
  • New Member Orientation
  • Ongoing Informal Exchanges